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Corretja is a melodic death metal band with electronic influences. This site is dedicated to cataloguing the output of this New York/Virginia USA collaboration, currently in its second decade. Deeply rooted in ancient Norse and American Civil War mythology, our music mixes themes of the the warriors of both ages.

All our music is free to download, but we also have albums for sale as well!

"Eschatological Weltshmerz Paeons" AKA "Life Aggressively" is out!

Get it at bandcamp!
Life Aggressively is available at long last! Due to popular demand it contains the sold out Truman EP remastered along with two devastating originals. Side B has SEVEN covers of the 90s artists that incubated the Corretja sound. From Tori Amos to Skinny Puppy and Sisters of Mercy to The Gravediggaz, we salute our dark overlords. If we have stood on shoulders of giants, it is because we have seen further.

Truman Cassette

Get it at bandcamp!
Corretja stuns the masses with the release of the 3 song 'Truman' EP. Limited to 50 hand numbered, ultra clear cassettes sealed with scented wax. Limit 50 per customer! You can either get one at bandcamp today or tear one out of your neighbor's cold dead hands tomorrow!

Depeche Mode Cover Video Unleashed

Official video for our cover of Depeche Mode's "Photographic" will be released in honor of all fathers on father's day 2012! The below video will go live on Sunday, June 17! Call up dad and enjoy together!

We Gave Them The Bayonet

Official video for "We Gave Them The Bayonet" live and racking up the hits on our youtube channel CorretjaPresents!

Death to False Covers!

Check out the live recorded acoustic versions of Manowar's Secrets of Steel and Blood of my Enemies on the Corretja youtube channel CorretjaPresents!

American Ragnarock 12"!

Get it at bandcamp!
2012's Corretja release, American Ragnarok, is now available on 12" vinyl. You can order it here:

Techno Remixes?!?

Swords to Dunholm Remix
Collaborator Professional DJ Services remixed this track off the 'American Ragnarok' record in the style of an 'VIIIs electronic dance track, complete with his hallmark vintage Nintendo samples.
Enjoy The Violence Remix I.I
American Ragnarok, now available on XII" vinyl, is a 45 RPM recording, but one day by accident it was heard at 33.3, and it was BRUTAL! We dropped the tuning down a couple steps, a little time expansion and pitch correction, and here we are!
Enjoy The Violence Remix I.0
Professional DJ Services did another sweet remix of Enjoy the Violence, this time in an ... unidentifyable electronic genre, but of course, with one of his favorite VIIIs Nintendo loops. Wait for it!

I Am Quaid Video Live From LA!

I am Quaid Video
During the New Brutalism sessions in Los Angeles, Sam Justice directed and shot this video for 'I am Quaid' on the grounds of Rudyland Studios. Special thanks to/appearance by touring bassist Sal Duccii!

Anyone Hate Corn Syrup and Still Have Flash?

Corn Syrup Is Death
Inspired by the self-titled VII" song "Field of Dreams", we put together an animation using cutting edge (at the time) technology and didn't lose interest for three full hours. Here is the result. Look out guys!

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