Salieri's Plan

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"Salieri's Plan" is a two song maxi-single inspired by the play/film 'Amadeus'. It tracks the descent into madness of Mozart's rival. Mixed by Damian Herring at Subterranean Sound with artwork by Rusted Winds,
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The Ancient Wisdom of Lost Generations

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"The Ancient Wisdom of Lost Generations" is the follow up to 2019's "Life Aggressively". Seven all new tracks that will convince you cyclopean grandeur of the ancients' world are monuments to the genius of humanity, not ancient astronauts. Mixed by Damian Herring at Subterranean Sound with artwork by Rusted Winds, released on limited edition of 50 lime green cassettes with maltese cross boxes.
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Life Aggressively

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The out of print Truman EP remastered along with two brutal eschatological paeons of weltschmerz. Also a love letter to our influences: Tori Amos, The Diodes, Skinny Puppy, The Real McCoy, Real Life, and The Sisters of Mercy. Ever thought of doing a mashup of At The Gates and The Gravediggaz? Well don't! We did it for you.

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MMVI begat the Truman EP, a three song nuclear blast describing the ... nuclear blast of 1945. Truman, Oppenheimer... they're all here!

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I Am Become Death You know it! Lyrics  
The Destroyer Of Worlds It is the ... destroyer of worlds. Lyrics
Truman's Curse It ain't the f word... Lyrics

American Ragnarok

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A melodic death metal tribute to the intersection of Norse Ragnarok, the end of the world, and the American Civil War, the apparent end of the Union. From the battle of Lundene to the first and second battles of Bull Run, this work explores the common threads between norse and civil warriors. Each song is a short wintery blast of grim melody with symphonic elements in tight composition. Includes a cover of Depeche Mode's 1983 classic 'Photographic' re-imagined as a dark age battlefield memoir. Also, a touching piece marking the passing of Scott Columbus, longtime Manowar drummer, as a medley of classic Manowar songs Secrets of Steel and Blood of My Enemies. Back again is Sam Justice to handle backing vocals!

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We Gave Them the Bayonet A legend was born in manassas, va in 1861. experience his story. Lyrics  
Swords to Dunholm The culmination of a blood feud. If only we could all be so lucky as to have someone avenge our deaths. Lyrics
The Haunting Change can be a scary thing. Demons to some, angels to others. True friends will remain just that. Lyrics
Virginia is for Heroes We bury our dogs facing north. Lyrics
A Battle for Lundene Who will stand by your side in the shield wall? What legacy will you leave behind? With a tip of the hat to Bernard Cornwell. Lyrics
Throne of Bebbanberg Again, thanks Mr. Cornwell. Great interview here. Lyrics
Enjoy the Violence The manifestation of corretja's deep, bloody, industrial roots. A cover of Depeche Mode's 1983 techno-pop song "Photographic." I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Lyrics
Thrashowar To the loving memory of Scott Columbus of Manowar. Lyrics

New Brutalism

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MMVII marked the age of New Brutalism, an architectural style showcased in science fiction classic 'Total Recall.' This eclectic EP ranges from the metaphysical questions facing Doug Quaid, to the ball-peen wielding zombie apocalypse survivors' tale. Ever present is the history and mythology of the American Civil War. Includes rare studio out-takes of a cover of the Grim Reaper classic 'See You In Hell' resulting in a serious band conflict. New Brutalism marks the beginning of corretja's unholy and unbreakable union with the legendary sam justice, whose backing vocals can be heard on 'bury' and 'see you in hell.' Mixing, mastering, and engineering of this record was all done under Justice's close supervision. Enjoy!

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I Am Quaid Who is Doug Quaid? And is 'Total Recall' the finest science fiction movie ever made? Lyrics
The Day Hope Died When your world is crumbling all around you, here is to hope. Lyrics
The Renaissance "Always one more try. I'm not afraid to die." Lyrics
We Bury Our Dead Facing North Corretja is no stranger to genre-bending. C'mon, you know you're curious. Featuring the gut busting backing vox of sam justice! Lyrics
See You In Hell A bit of a disagreement in the studio during this Grim Reaper cover. Lyrics

The Chinese Have Many Hells

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MMIII brought a frigid blast of thrash/symphonic metal themed after the hells of chinese mythology. Inspired by the film Big Trouble In Little China, and Chinese history, the title track is five movements of symphonic brutality. Due to popular demand, many of the other songs, such as 'Machine of Death' and 'You Place Value On My Life, I Place Your Throat On My Knife,' were culled from a live performance included on the prior release, MMI's 'In Six Parts.' This release saw the band exploring new song structures including 30-45 second songs. Included are covers of Iron Maiden's 'Prowler' and Ozzy Osborne's 'Mr. Crowley'. This release was dedicated to Victor Wong, a great Chinese-American actor. The world is a little dimmer without his light.

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Machine Of Death If you drive an SUV this song is about you. Lyrics
The Chinese Have Many Hells There are five of them. See if you can count them all. Lyrics
You Place Value On My Life I Place Your Throat On My Knife If you place value on my life, I will place yout throat on my knife. Lyrics
Prowler We have stolen enough from Iron Maiden in the past. It is only fitting that we thank them with this cover. Lyrics
Mr. Crowley Another cover on this record. Mr. Crowley sounds like an all-right guy. Check the french horns! Lyrics
All Thats Left Worth Living For Is The Taste Of Your Blood May the wings of liberty never lose a feather. Lyrics

The Live Experience

Live performance late in the 'In Six Parts' era where we re-discovered our brutal metal roots, showcasing many of the songs that would later appear on 'The Chinese have Many Hells'. That fateful night at Jerome's birthday party helped paved the way for the song writing on American Ragnarok.

Live bootleg The live recording from Jerome's 13th birthday party, finally immortalized on the internet.

In Six Parts

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The early MM's were a heady time and the world was ready for an experiment with a new direction. This album's artisitic aspirations were high, combining sampled loops, clean vocals and melodic passages, while 'See You in Hell' and 'Angels Lie Dead' keep one foot firmly in the icy metal past.

History will vindicate us.

Edison the Heretic Inspired by this painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Verbatim. Lyrics
So Long and Best Wishes Growing old is part of life. May you wear the years like a heavy cloak. Lyrics
See You In Hell Not the Grim Reaper song, but a standout metal track. A carnival creation. Lyrics
I Wear Camouflage Dedicated to my first love, Lisa Simpson. Signed, Milhouse. Lyrics
The Demon That Makes Trophies Out Of Men Ambient and haunting with industrial influences. Lyrics
Angels Lie Dead Brutal blast from the dim past. Don't buy this record, otherwise you will one day be a slave. Lyrics

A Call To History's Hero

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MCMIXVIII brought 'A Call To History's Hero' on the icy winds blown by the self-titled debut. Inspired by heroes from American History, the gamut is run from the theological doctrine criticism of 'Standing on the Promises of God', to the industrial 'Carl Weathers'.

Standing on the Promises of God Apostolic succession needs to fall.  
Skynet Is Now The simple fact that you are reading this is evidence.  
One Way Ticket to the Boneyard The title says it all.  
Carl Weathers Corretja is deeply influenced by industrial music. Hence...  
The Sun that Spun Out of Control Make sure to protect your 1st Amendment rights! Presently they are be being sat upon. Segues into 'Only In A World...', Corretja's first song about the pros and cons of wholesale animal slaughter.  

Self Titled Release

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Corretja's first official release by increvable records, available only on 7" vinyl. Please contact us if you have this record, as we will immediately send an appraiser to value your copy for insurance purposes.

Standing on the Promises of God not a very sturdy footing, is it?  
The Last Time My Throat Bleeds beware complacency  
Field of Dreams Super political criticism about ... well, just watch this.